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COVID-19 has impacted the communities in which we serve in some very serious ways:

  • almost everyone has lost their job.

  • no income means no food on the table (prior to the pandemic, few were paid enough to save money).

  • residents who work casual labor jobs or as small shareholder farmers cannot collect any form of unemployment support.


The PI communities have no way to mitigate the devastating effects of Coronavirus.

Proyecto Itzaes has already begun providing relief services like bringing food to families, but the organization simply does not have enough money to sustain these activities, which means that already poor families in villages such as Ixil are paying out of pocket to feed their neighbors. This is not sustainable.

Over the next few weeks, Proyecto Itzaes will be raising money through a Go Fund Me campaign.


Learn more about what prompted the campaign here:

Your donations are paying for basic necessities like food and clean water for Proyecto Itzaes's most vulnerable families.
If you haven’t yet donated, please consider making a gift through
Go Fund Me
Any gift made through the campaign is tax-deductible.
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