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Learn about Leamos Juntos Yucatán, which addresses the extreme poverty of the Maya village children and emphasizes a multilingual, multicultural approach to reach those most in need.

Learn about how a Global Grant partnership with local and international Rotary clubs is working to equip students with the educational resources they need.

Hear what local Yucatec students say about their experiences with Proyecto Itzaes. See what PI students have chosen as career paths.

From community centers to college scholarships, learn about the work PI has accomplished in a short amount of time. And look into what PI is planning next.

We envision a future where children in Yucatec villages have full opportunities to achieve the education necessary for successful participation in a changing economy.

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Proyecto Itzaes is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. In recent years people like you have helped to open five new PI libraries, send 13 first-generation students to the University, brought school supplies to six villages, taught hundreds of children computer skills and changed lives in Yucatán.

It's never too early (or too late) to donate to PI!

In 2019 your financial support funds:

  • 4 Proyecto Itzaes education center upgrades

  • 7 College Students received stipends

  • 2 High School students also received stipends

  • Numerous educational programs in Math, Enviromental studies, Spanish, Reading, Health & Wellness, and more...


for your continued support of PI in 2020!

Help us provide educational resources for children and families in villages in the Yucatán.

Ayudanos a contribuir recursos educativos para los niños y sus familias de las aldeas en Yucatán