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Together we can build a sustainable future.

Children reading in Proyecto Itzaes in Yucatan

Thank you for helping to support our efforts to create lasting positive change in Maya villages in Yucatán, Mexico.


Proyecto Itzaes continues to support 4 cultural & educational centers in the heart of the Yucatan. These centers received an upgrade: tons of new books & bookshelves, but also additional tables, chairs and a fresh coat of paint. One center even received a new floor, another a traditional Mayan Palapa in its courtyard. Huge thank you to the Palo Alto Rotary, the Los Altos Rotary, Club Rotario Nuevas Generaciones and the Mountain View Rotary.


Proyecto Itzaes continued to provide 5 College Students with the resources necessary to continue their educations.


This year, Proyecto Itzaes began supporting 4 High School students with the additional materials necessary to attend school beyond the 6th grade.


Proyecto Itzaes continued our tradition of student-led classes, from Math and Spanish to Arts & Crafts.

This year also marked the beginning of a Proyecto Itzaes health initiative. From health courses for pregnant women to weekly weigh-ins and healthy eating challenges, PI continues to involve the local communities in our grassroots work. Our centers are busier than ever!

Students studying in Proyecto Itzaes in the Yucatan
Proyecto Itzaes in Ixil, Yucatan
Students attending art class in Proyecto Itzaes in the Yucatan
Bookshelves in Proyecto Itzaes in the Yucatan
Students drawing in Proyecto Itzaes in the Yucatan

With your support 2019 was our most productive year ever!

It is never too early (or too late) to Support PI with a donation.

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